To begin, we create a detailed Position Description and a Research Strategy. The Position Description includes company description, candidate accountabilities, required experience, skills and personal qualities. The Research Strategy outlines companies and industries where there is high probability of finding qualified candidates. Potential candidates are identified in our established database, through original research and intensive networking within our community of contacts. We present a benchmark candidate to measure against your expectations of the successful candidate profile.


We provide periodic update reports comprised of contacts made, interviews held, prospective candidates in the pipeline and market observations. A written report is presented to you before every interview, consisting of a candid evaluation revealing strengths and areas in need of further exploration. We coordinate and schedule all client/candidate interviews. We conduct in-depth references followed by a report providing a clear picture of the candidate’s personality, performance record and what he/she needs to be successful in a role. We speak regularly with the candidate regarding compensation expectations to lessen any surprise at the final stage and we provide you with advice and assistance in tendering an offer.


We stay very close to the finalist following the acceptance and throughout the “stepping down” phase. We check in with you and the successfully placed finalist during the first weeks of employment, helping to establish an easy transition and effortless integration into your company.