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Digital Leadership

Paula Seibel Associates is a retainer-based search firm specializing in the recruitment of executives with a proven record of growing businesses. Partnering with Fortune 500’s, private equity firms, venture capitalists and start-ups, we lead C-level, Senior Vice President and Vice President searches across a range of functionalities and industries.

Assessing Cultural Fit

Experience and cultural fit are crucial ingredients for a successful hire. Yet statistics prove that companies often hire for experience and fire for personality. To ensure that final candidates are a good fit we work diligently to define and thoroughly understand your culture. The information gleaned from this exploration forms the basis of our interview questions and provides the ammunition to determine whether or not there is a match. Reinforced by Paula’s instinctive abilities, candidate responses reveal those who are most aligned with your organization and most likely to succeed.

Executive Search is part art and part science. Science is the logical process; the tactics and strategy used to identify candidates with the required experience. Art is the intuitive process; the ability to determine personality fit and those who will thrive in your business. A successful search requires mastery of both processes. Our track record reflects this mastery.

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