Our Mission Statement

A successful search requires a well thought-out strategy and unerring instincts. It requires grit, passion, perseverance and an insatiable curiosity. And it doesn’t hurt to own the obsessive gene as well.

I believe that a relentless pursuit of excellence, total commitment and a hands-on approach to every phase of every search is what yields success. It’s not magic. So I limit the number of assignments we take on and the number of clients we serve at one time. The payoff is high-quality work that garners superior results and the trust of our clients.

I also set a high bar for myself and my team. We only consider a search successful when two criteria are met: You hired a great candidate and you enjoyed working with us.

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Paula Seibel, Founder and President of Paula Seibel Associates


left-quotationPaula is a great listener. She conducted a successful search for us because she understood our goals and our culture. Adding a terrific new executive to our team is as much about discovering talent as it is matchmaking. We are very pleased with the results.right-quotation
Barry Lippman
Chief Executive Officer, LearningExpress, LLC